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Become a Beekeeper

In addition to honeybee removals, our apiary, and managing four other apiaries for our customers, we also sell bees and start everyday people into the beekeeping industry. It could just be a hobby, a bee enthusiast, for honey, or for a better garden or crop. Bee Guyz can instruct and educate you in all aspects of beekeeping to help you run and maintain your own successful hive.

We have a wide range of customers that just love seeing the bees buzzing in their yard. As someone who has spent many years raising bees, i’ve got to say the dream is definitely worth it.  Some customers just want to say that they have a beehive while others take it much further to maintain many hives. No matter how small or large your ambitions are, you can become a beekeeper too!

Once trained properly by Bee Guyz, some customers grow to have five to ten beehives that they themselves fully maintain. Does that sound like too much work? No problem, we can do it all for you from setting the bees up in a good location to coming out to your property with our equipment and extracting gallons of honey for your family and friends. They will love you for it! It’s quite a show! Call us for more details.

If you are interested in starting the journey to become a beekeeper, we’d be honored to help you along in starting what some take on as a lifelong hobby. Please contact us for details on how we can help train you to become a beekeeper.

beekeeper with hive