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Honeybees are the most beneficial and preciously needed insect on our planet. They typically like to live high in the hollowed-out cavities of our various trees minding their own business and really not bothering anyone. They do all almost all of the pollinating and cross pollinating of most of the Earth’s plants and flowers. As a result of all of their continuous hard work, we have healthier plants and of course- HONEY!However, Mother Nature sometimes tends to send our little friends into places they shouldn’t be that can be very dangerous like your home or place of business. That’s when you need to call us! Please don’t call an exterminator. We have been performing live bee removals for over a decade and have a wide range of experience of removing honeybees from high places from the tallest of trees to the tightest squeezes.

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Bee Guyz Are Insured Up To

Two Million Dollars 

If left undisturbed, honeybee hives can grow to over 10 FEET LONG!  Our professional beekeepers will set up an inspection appointment to determine where the nest site is located, the best time for the removal, and the most optimum and affordable method to remove them.  Once completely removed, we will relocate them into a new hive or release them into their natural habitat.

Make sure you understand the process and have an experienced person to complete the bee removal task. Just because someone may be a beekeeper,  that does not automatically make them a carpenter! LUCKY FOR YOU WE’RE BOTH!  An amateur beekeeper armed with power tools and no professional carpentry training can spell disaster for you and your home. Don’t let this happen to you. Give us a call and leave it to the professionals. We believe that prevention and training is the best way to limit mistakes. Our beekeepers very rarely make mistakes, but if one does happen, not to worry. We are completely insured up to 2 MILLION DOLLARS to fix any problem! We treat your home or business as we would our own. To us, there is no other way.

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Give us a call and leave it to the professionals. Our professional trained carpenters/beekeepers will work closely with you to ensure your bee problem is resolved!

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